Meeting Literacy™ for Today’s Leaders

Helping Leaders Communicate with Clarity, Confidence, and Credibility!

Diana L. Bacon, MBA, RP

With expertise in both good governance and meeting procedures, Diana provides value-added services and training to clients. Diana is a Member and Professional Registered Parliamentarian of the National Association of Parliamentarians.

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Meeting Literacy™ Training

  • Leadership, Communication, & Procedures
  • Good Governance – The Key Characteristics
  • Compliance –  Governing Documents & Relevant Legislation
  • Parliamentary Procedure (Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised)
  • Meeting management – rules, agendas, scripts, reports, minutes


Parliamentary Services

  • Meeting & Convention Parliamentarian
  • Meeting Planning Strategist
  • Script Preparation and Review
  • Resolution Drafting and Review
  • Standing Rules Preparation and Review
  • Adviser to Presiding Officer & Board of Directors


Good Governance Consultant

  • Governance & Meeting Reviews
  • Governing Documents Review 
  • Bylaws Development & Revision


“This course is a must for all board members both new and old. It is easy to get lazy about procedure. Meetings are so much more efficient when we know what we are supposed to be doing and use correct procedures.”

Contact Diana to schedule a meeting or phone call to discuss how, together, we may optimize governance and meetings at your organization.