Welcome to the Governance Optimizer!

Are you looking for a board to join? Do you know how to choose a board?

Were you asked or “voluntold” to join the board of a community organization? Are you now a board member or officer?

Do you know the role, responsibilities and resources? Do you know what questions to ask, or where to find the information you need to do the right things and do things right?

Your contributions are desired and needed in the community!

I applaud your decision to learn governance as part of your leadership development. Governance education is often an overlooked critical area that is key for an organization to successfully achieve its mission.

I was in your situation many times over the years, and learned many lessons. The biggest lesson I learned was
to do my research. I experienced challenges, as well as heard of others who experienced similar challenges, that were often due to a lack of information on roles, responsibilities, and resources.

With the advent of the information age, we can now more easily access information to become informed decision-makers. I took learning one giant step further when I conducted my own graduate research a decade ago. I was able to sharpen my focus on governance and leadership during my graduate studies, while also volunteering in a leadership role for a not-for-profit organization.

I also had spent many years as a business executive where I developed my business knowledge and skills which were transferable to the world of not-for-profit organizations (NFPOs). Today, I continue research and study to stay current on best and promising practices as well as new understandings that result from others’ research in all sectors.

My mission is to create an accessible and interesting resource for readers who are interested in learning how to become better leaders in their organizations and communities.

People are the foundation of all communities. You may be a leader in a community organization, serving on the Board or as a CEO/Executive Director. You may be a business owner, employee, or parent with knowledge and skills to share. To improve the quality of life in our communities, many of us often volunteer our time to contribute to a better community. The diversity of knowledge and skills in our communities is the community’s strength. However, there often remain gaps in the collective knowledge and skills.

After receiving many requests for information, I have now created a blog…it has only taken two years to become a priority. (I also had to find time to learn about blogs…another example of living in an era of lifelong learning.) I hope you will add this blog to your list of resources for learning governance and leadership.

I have served as an officer on many Boards as well as worked as an Executive Director in the not-for-profit sector. I have provided presentations and training on the topics of governance and leadership. Now, in the blog posts, I will share with you some tools, tips, and stories of learning and leading in the areas of governance and leadership.

I look forward to your feedback on the posts! Let me know your thoughts, ask your questions, or share your own experiences.

Until next time…..GO in the right direction!